More and more, computations are playing an important role in the theory and design of high intensities linacs. In this context, the CEA/Saclay has been and is involved in several High Power Particles Accelerators projects (SNS, ESS, IFMIF, EURISOL, SPL) and high intensities injectors (IPHI, SPIRAL2, LEDA, MYRTE, SARAF). Other the past years, several codes have been developed to design and simulate these accelerators from the extraction system of the ion source to the target. Extraction system can be simulated in case of the image effects are negligible. The plasma chamber is not simulated. Depending on the energy range, different codes can be used as it is described in the figure below.

Since 2009, most of these codes became sharewares, only the particle plotter PlotWin and Beta code are still free. To know more about each code (features, download links, evaluation, license terms and purchasing option), click on their respective button in left sidebar. Each code embeds a user manual.

Codes overview